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Singapore's DPM briefed on SSIJRI's development


Professor Chan Siew Hwa, Vice Director of Sino-Singapore International Joint Research Institute (SSIJRI) and Co-Director of Energy Research Institute@NTU Singapore, briefed Singapore's Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Heng Swee Keat on SSIJRI's latest development and achievements on 27 May 2019. 
The briefing took place at Ascendas OneHub, Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City during DPM Heng's official visit to Guangzhou. Professor Chan also showed DPM Heng some star projects at SSIJRI, which include fuel cell application, AI+health and ageing, starch-based functional materials, etc.

Mr Heng SweeKeat investigated plan for Guangzhou Knowledge City in exhibition hall

Mr Heng SweeKeat listened to the project progress of GKC

Mr Heng SweeKeat visited Ascendas OneHub GKC

Mr Heng SweeKeat visited the fuel cell project of SSIJRI

Mr Heng SweeKeat visited the AI+Health and Ageing project of SSIJRI

A Turnkey Technology for Platinum-Group Metal (PGM) Catalyst Manufacturing – High quality, low cost, fast and energy saving process

The project is mainly to further improve and perfect a proved catalyst production technology which can realize the facile and continuous mass-production of electro-catalysts with higher noble metal content, investigate the critical factors affecting the catalyst product quality, extend the applications of the procedure, and finally to transfer the justified procedure to industrial partner. 

AI+Health and Ageing

The broad objective of the proposed research is to improve the living quality of the elderly, in view of the fact that the whole world is facing anunprecedented ageing wave. The proposed research program aims to facilitate the early detection for neurodegenerative illnesses through a serious game framework powered by smart wearable devices.



Sources: | Guangzhou Daily, Lianhe Zaobao, SSGKC

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