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Implementation of the New JRI Logo


Dear all,

As approved by the JRI Governing Council, the English translation and logo of the Institute have been changed. The English translation has been changed from "Sino-Singapore International Joint Research Institute" to "China-Singapore International Joint Research Institute", and its abbreviation has been changed from "SSIJRI" to "CSIJRI". The following rules are introduced to ensure proper usage of the Institute’s logo, and guarantee its authority and consistency:

1.The logo consists of English abbreviation (CSIJRI) and name of the Institute in Chinese and English (中新国际联合研究院, China-Singapore International Joint Research Institute), its combinations shall not be altered; When used for websites, business cards, publicity materials, PPT templates, and other materials, it is necessary to make sure the use of logo is in accordance with the requirements of logo pattern, size ratio, font standard and colours stated in the manual of visual identity system (VIS)

2.Logo designs and relevant specifications can be found under the Logo File  by logging into your staff portal on the JRI official website 

3.Implementation of the new logo shall begin immediately on the day of notice, transition to the new logo shall be completed by 1st of July 2021

China-Singapore International Research Institute


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