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Guangzhou to offer more convenience for expats in visa services


The entry and exit department of the Guangzhou municipal public security bureau has launched eight facilitation measures, such as offering online services and door-to-door service, the bureau announced on March 4.

The handling time for the business visa to enter Hong Kong or Macao will be shortened.

Expedited service for providing visas for foreigners who have to go aboard for issues like meetings, business negotiating, signing contracts, and handling urgent business will also be available, allowing applicants to obtain a visa within three days, while those with particularly urgent needs can receive their visa on the same day.

Green channels will be opened for companies or institutions when handling business visa to enter Hong Kong or Macao at the entry and exit service hall without additional reservations.

Foreign employees and overseas students who have to resume work or study will see more acceptance if part of the required materials cannot be submitted due to the novel coronavirus epidemic as long as they promise to submit all the materials within the required time.

Conveniences will be provided for foreign employees when applying for a long-term residence permit. Those working in companies with good credit can be awarded with a residence permit for work valid for more than two years for their first time of application and a residence permit for work valid for more than three years for their second time of application.

Door-to-door service for handling a business visa to enter Hong Kong or Macao will be offered to demonstration companies in service trade and key cultivation enterprises listed by the Guangzhou municipal commerce bureau in 2019.

The service will also be available for companies with multiple foreign employees to handle visa services.

In addition, online services will be opened to achieve contactless handling of business.

Source| GDToday

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